by. SEVENt7

* The PVC inside the frame

  prevents ​the tablet from moving


* Tablet PCs with bumper cases fit

   and operate in the frame as well.

* When moving around you can

  place the product on top of your

  knee for convenience.

  (No need to take the Tablet out

  of your bag, just roll up the

  covers and enjoy!)

* The Rain Cover keeps the product 

   safe from the rain, snow and other 

   external factors.

   The light reflective SEVENt7 logo

   will keep users safe at night.

* The 'Suit Bag' provides style and

  ease to use Tablet PCs and other

  similar electronics.

  Not only is the 'Suit Bag' chic and

  modern, it is comfortable and


* Width : 14.6 in (370 mm)

* Lengthwise : 17.3 in (439 mm)

* Outer Shell :  Polyester 100%

* Inner Shell : Polyester 100%

* Buckle : Woojinplastic


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